About Tucson Scooter and Lift Chair

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Meet Our Employees

Oliver 'Oil Cans' Hambone

Senior Manager

We love our senior manager because he is hands-off in his management style and seems to always think we are doing a great job. Some locals might remember Oliver from his former job at Metro Med making sure everyone felt welcome. As he nears retirement age Oliver prefers to stay at the office and rarely wanders into the field anymore, but sometimes you can catch him supervising one of our drivers and wondering if they will (please) stop for food and a nap soon. Oliver hopes to see you around Tucson. Just hopefully it isn't in one the ridiculous hot dog costumes his family makes him wear from time to time.

Bradley 'Ferd' Britwistle

Customer Service

Bradley isn't happy unless you are happy. Bradley is always going above and beyond to make sure our customers are satisfied, so he fits right in here at Tucson Scooter and Lift Chair. He loves nothing more than going for walks, laying in bed or sitting in a chair with any human - making him a huge fan of what we do. Bradley takes a lot of pride in knowing he is helping other dogs by making sure their loved ones are more mobile and accessible. Brad wants to make sure you know we even carry equipment capable of wearing him out!