Home health equipment rentals

Lift Chair Rentals

Rent Lift Chair

Lift chairs are often recommended after surgical procedures. All of our rental lift chairs will fully recline and raise the patient up to standing position. Protect healing incisions and new implants by minimizing the pressure and stress put on them while rehabbing post surgery. Or maybe you have a loved one visiting who normally uses a lift chair at home? Don't let them down, make their stay an uplifting experience.

Hospital Bed Rentals

Rent Hospital Bed

An in-home hospital bed will often be recommended after certain surgeries procedures or for continuing rehab at home. We only rent full-electric hospital beds so you will never have to deal with a crank of any sort. The head, foot and deck bed are adjustable via the hand pendant. We use lightweight foam mattresses which stay cooler and are more comfortable than typical old style inner spring hospital mattresses.

Wheelchair Rentals

Rent Wheelchair

Rental wheelchairs have desk arms, removable foot rests and fold from the center for easier transport. Standard wheelchairs weight approximately 36 lbs without the footrests, and about 42 with the foot rests.
Wheelchairs are rented in several sizes, which correspond to the seat width in inches. A small adult chair is 16" across, a standard chair is 18" across and a large is 20" across. We also have limited availability of bariatric chars from 22"-28" across. An additional fee may apply to bariatric models. Weight limit on standard models is 300 lbs, bariatric chairs vary by model.

Transport Chair Rentals

Rent Transport Chair

Rental transport (or companion) chairs fold up in half, and the back folds down for easy, convenient storage and transport. At only approximately 20 lbs they are manageable for most people.
Transport chairs have full length arms to help with raising from the seated position. They also have open sides so the patient doesn't feel so 'contained.' The brakes are positioned for the person doing the pushing, enabling them to quickly lock the chair with their feet.
Transport chairs are made for travel and may not hold up to all-day or hard use.

Rolling Walker Rentals

Rent Rolling Walker

Rolling walkers fold for easy transport and storage. Rolling walkers have 4 wheels, locking handbrakes and a seat. Weighing approximately 16 lbs they are easily manageable for most people. Rolling walkers have a basket or bag used to store personal belongings.
Rolling walkers are used to promote stability and safety while walking. Many people are able to walk, but they simply do not have the energy for long trips. With a rolling walker the brakes can be set and the patient can seat themselves, enabling them time to rest and get back their energy to walk further.