Tucson Scooter and Lift Chair Rental Terms and Conditions

 By agreeing to the terms and condition upon checkout the renter acknowledges the following:

This is a rental contract. This is not a sale contract. The renter acknowledges that he/she knows how to use the equipment and will check equipment upon receipt and report any defects or problems to Tucson Scooter and Lift Chair immediately.  

It is understood and agreed that the renter will assume all responsibility for all damages or loss to said equipment and agrees to pay the full cost of repairs if it is any way rendered out of service, whether this occurred through accident, neglect, or misuse. If renter has purchased the Damage Protection plan Tucson Scooter and Lift Chair will cover any damage up to $300.00 in parts and repairs. In case of loss or destruction of equipment or loss of possession thereof or inability to return to Tucson Scooter and Lift Chair, renter agrees to pay Tucson Scooter and Lift Chair the complete and full value of equipment.

Renter understands and agrees that Tucson Scooter and Lift Chair, its employees, and staff, are not liable for personal injury or accidents, regardless of causes or consequences of damage sustained by renter or his/her property. Renter agrees to keep Tucson Scooter and Lift Chair free and harmless from any loss or damage sustained by renter or other persons. Renter further agrees to bear any cost, court or attorney fees or liabilities resulting from the use of described equipment regardless against whom the claimant/renter institutes action.

  • A rental Day is a 24-hour day. A rental Week is 7 days. A rental Month is 28 days. 
  • The renter will NOT give, transfer possession of the equipment to anyone else. 
  • Cancellations must be made 48 hours before delivery time requested.
  • No rain checks or refunds will be given for unused time or equipment. 
  • Renter has read and agrees to comply with all above.