Go-Go ES2 3-Wheel
Go-Go ES2 3-Wheel
Go-Go ES2 3-Wheel
Go-Go ES2 3-Wheel
Go-Go ES2 3-Wheel
Go-Go ES2 3-Wheel

Go-Go ES2 - $759

Key Features:

  • Up to 6.8 miles per overnight charge
  • 31" turning radius
  • Foldable, compact seat
  • Removable front basket
  • Hi/Lo speed setting
  • Fits in most car trunks
  • Heaviest piece is 41 lbs
  • Entry level scooter with a bargain price

Is the Go-Go ES 2 a good fit for you?

The Go-Go ES 2 is Pride's entry level scooter in their popular line of Go-Go travel scooters. It is an exceptional value from one of America's most respected scooter manufacturers. Unlike the rest of the Go-Go line, the ES 2 does not break down for transport. It has a lightweight frame and the seat can be removed, so once the tiller is put in the down position if readily fits in most car trunks.

The Go-Go ES 2 has two speed settings, as opposed to a variable, adjustable speed. Simply choose the setting for indoor or outdoor settings. The 31" turning radius you will have no problems maneuvering around corners, through doorways or dodging a roadrunner.

The Go-Go ES 2 will provide up to 6.8 miles range per charge, and has a weight capacity of 250lbs.

As with all the powered mobility equipment we sell, enjoy free in home delivery by someone with the knowledge and experience to show you all your equipment's features and answer any questions you might have. If it is a transportable model we will train you how to disassemble or fold your mobility device. We don't leave until you have taken your new mobility device for a test drive and are happy. Don't be shipped a mobility device you depend on in a big box with no real direction, or have it brought into your home by a part-time contractor with little to no product knowledge. We only sell devices by brands we are proud to carry and service ourselves.

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